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Super User

Sunday, 19 October 2014 17:00

Joy to work with


I would just like to let you know how pleased my wife and I were with our experience at Victoria Premium Automobiles while purchasing our BMW 323i. Our sales representative David Carere was most pleasant to deal with. He looked after all our questions, was friendly and a joy to work with. As we are not too familiar with the city it was great that he went on the road test and guided us around or we could have ended up in Seattle!!We also wish to thank you too Ed for assisting in the business end of the transaction and arranging for several additional items we required for our BMW. Will not hesitate to let our friend in the area know of your dealership.

Best regards Ron & Francie Lockhart, Qualicum Beach.



Sunday, 19 October 2014 17:00

Straight Shooters


I enjoyed the buying experience with Victoria Premium Auto basically because the process was clean and straight.  I'd already reviewed the car on their website, and seen the sales price.  There were no surprises in the sales process.  
When I arrived at their dealership Mr. Wade Donavon opened a binder containing information on all their inventory.  He flipped to the section on my chosen car, and explained to me the car's ownership history, repair history, where they'd obtained it, and the subsequent work they'd completed on it.
Then we took the car for a drive, and Mr. Donavon answered my questions about the car, and showed me some of the instrumentation.
We returned to the office and I completed the sale with their finance manager, Greg.
Both Greg and Mr. Donovan were professional and comfortable.
While I was dealing with Greg, Mr. Donovan helped me further by installing my infant car seat in the new vehicle - and that wasn't easy.
Buying my car at Victoria Premium Automobiles was an enjoyable and straight-forward process.
Thank you.

Andrew T Grogan


Sunday, 19 October 2014 17:00


CarProof is a Canadian provider of vehicle history reports – a critical tool when you’re buying or selling a used vehicle. A CarProof report establishes trust and transparency between a used car buyer and a used car seller by removing the guesswork about a vehicle’s past – replacing it with impartial, accurate and real-time data.

CarProof’s Vehicle History Reports include:

  •     Real-time data. Live, real-time data sources provide you with up-to-the-minute information from provincial governments, private and public insurance agencies and many other providers.
  •     Lien details. CarProof is the only service that offers cross-Canada lien and/or security interest information (look for our Verified products for this lien information).
  •     Accident data. Learn whether the vehicle has been in an accident, what type of incident occurred and the amount of damage.
  •     Registration and branding. Discover which provinces the vehicle was registered in and whether the car has been negatively branded.
  •     Full Canadian and U.S. history. See a complete picture of any vehicle history from across Canada, as well as the U.S.
  •     Bilingual information. CarProof’s website, vehicle history reports and customer service is available French and English.

Who Can Buy a Report?

A report can be purchased by anyone on any vehicle, as long as they have its vehicle identification number (VIN) which is found on the dashboard and the driver’s door jamb.

Buying a Used Vehicle

When you’re buying a used vehicle, CarProof gives you full insight into what’s happened to a vehicle over its lifetime. You can feel confident that you know the full details about a vehicle and can make the purchase with complete peace of mind.

Selling a Used Vehicle

When you’re selling a used vehicle, providing potential buyers with a CarProof report shows that you’re upfront and open to disclosing the full history of your vehicle, right from the start. Buyers will know that you’re a seller they can trust and they’ll appreciate your full disclosure – which often helps to close the sale.

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer

Our CarProof dealer members offer CarProof reports on their used car inventory and would be more than happy to show you the vehicle history report for the car you’re interested in.

CarProof Gives You the Information You Need

CarProof is also here to provide you with the information and the resources you need to buy or sell your used car with confidence. Check out our Resource Centre to learn more about buying a used car, selling a used car, maintaining a used car and much more!

Read our Customer Service Statement

victoria-bc-used-carsJust because a used car handles OK during a test drive doesn't mean it's safe to buy.

There may be skeletons in that trunk.

A large-and-growing shadow sector exists in the used car marketplace populated by criminals adept at concealing structural damage on used cars. Through licensing, registration and mechanical and auto-body trickery and malfeasance, vehicles are being sold for a profit after been sloppily rebuilt after an accident.

In most states and provinces, it is required that major damage is registered against the vehicle’s title of ownership. When insurance companies write off a vehicle as a “total loss” after an accident or other event like a flood or hail storm, it is expected that the vehicle will be permanently marked as damaged goods. This keeps dangerous vehicles off the road and protects the buying public.

However, criminals have discovered loopholes and technology that can give write-offs new life and buyers and the travelling public nightmares.

Using photo editing software and digital scanners, criminals can quickly and easily print new, blemish-free titles. They are also registering damaged vehicles in different jurisdictions, diluting the vehicle history and record until the record of damage is a distant memory.

The process is called "title washing" and according to vehicle history provider CarFax, 800,000 cars on U.S. highways owe their continued use to criminals who have used these underhanded scams to make wrecked cars appear undamaged.

Some industry observers and insiders claim the problem is getting worse. According to Experian AutoCheck (which like CarFax sells vehicle history reports to consumers), 425,000 of the vehicles damaged in the first half of 2012 were later retitled as clean in another state.

So, how do you protect yourself from title laundering?

Deal with a reputable retailer and demand facts, records, histories and an objective and honest mechanical inspection.

In B.C., dealers and consumers are required to purchase an additional CarProof B.C. report that costs an additional $20.

That is because the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), the province's public auto insurer, charges CarProof extra for access to its data.

“We know that it offers the best data, and it's the most comprehensive report that's available,” CarProof's director of product management, Shawn Vording, said of CarProof's reports.

“If there are dealers that are choosing not to use our report, they're also choosing then not to have the most comprehensive report."

Victoria Premium Automobiles believes in full disclosure and providing customers the most comprehensive report possible. That is why Victoria Premium Automobiles uses CarProof's reports on all vehicles sold. Each VPA vehicle is meticulously inspected and must also pass our rigorous vetting standards.

Sunday, 21 September 2014 17:00

Rare find: 2007 BMW Z4 M Coupe

Three-hundred-and-thirty-horsepower moving 3,100 pounds from 0 - 60 mph in less than five seconds.

That’s right: one horse for each 9.39 lbs of car.

Power from the Z4 M Coupe’s 3.2 litre inline is channeled through a tight, six-speed manual gearbox. Short gearshift and the precise control of the shift lever translate into a smooth, exhilarating power curve.

Initially, many buyers grown accustomed to the Z3 and Z4 roadster profile and soft-top, considered the coupe with the low-slung roofline a novelty: a hatchback roadster you say?

Perception has changed.

Wired magazine anointed the 2007 Z4 M Coupe the best-looking car in BMWs entire line. Not a small compliment from an insignificant pundit.

Wired also found this beast to be tamed (at least a little) by leather sport seats and with “traction control not [so] overbearing; you can still have some fun in the corners.”

This Z4 M Coupe is a rare find that has only 56,108 kilometers on the odometer, is thoroughly reconditioned, professionally detailed and backed with CarProof and Pre-Purchase inspection reports and a 60 day/2,000 km limited warranty.


Due to our recent expansion and opening of a second Victoria Premium Automobiles location at 1859 Blanshard St., a professional sales person is required. Interested? You must have sales experience, an active VSA licence and a clean drivers abstract. Please submit resume, with references, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wednesday, 10 September 2014 17:00

New showroom, new inventory

Victoria Premium Automobiles is pleased to announce that it has expanded its inventory with the opening of a new used car showroom at 1859 Blanshard St. ,Victoria, BC, across the street from Save on Foods Memorial Centre.

Conveniently located at the corner of Blanshard St. and Caledonia Ave., the new lot and showroom is filling up with the best quality, professionally inspected, documented and verified used vehicles.

Our inventory includes a range of models, makes and years but all are inspected and certified by independent, industry-certified mechanics and documented with Car Proof and ICBC Reports.

This means every BMW, Porsche, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Honda we sell come with no surprises: just clean, well-maintained, well-documented vehicles.

Stop by, take a look and meet one of our vehicle professionals. Or give us a call ( 250-380-0581) to ask about our current and soon-to-arrive inventory and ask about any vehicle you may currently have on your wish list.

Victoria Premium Auto also has a Victoria used car showroom at 2555 Government St.

Victoria Premium Auto stands behind every pre-owned vehicle sold.



Monday, 29 April 2013 17:00

2002 Porsche Carrera

 From the creamy biege interior to the flawless exterior, this '02 Carrera has been exceptionally well cared for, and is one impressive machine.

On the inside, the leather upholstery and well-designed features make it easy to personalize to your degree of comfort. The audio system, with four impressive speakers placed acoustically around the cabin, provides crisp, clear audio for your listening pleasure. The hard top/soft top options for the roof make this an excellent year round car, and the switch between rooves can be made very easily.

Under the hood, the 6-speed manual transmission is extremely smooth, with a broad powerband for quick accelerations and consistent power delivery. The sports-tuned suspension provides an incredibly comfortable ride, for commuting or touring, and makes any road an absolute delight. Designed with a superlow centre of gravity, the Carrera grips the road for tight turns to thrill and delight even the most experienced of drivers.

View our Carrera's listing, with a thorough specs overview and photoset, at

Enjoy the drive!


Sunday, 10 March 2013 17:00

SPOTLIGHT: 2009 Porsche Carrera 911 S

My favourite thing about this Porsche is how well-behaved it is - when you want it to be! 

To begin with, the car is a beauty to behold. A bold forest-green exterior is brightened by a tanned leather interior, which makes the inside of this '09 coupe exceptionally bright and roomy. The dash controls are sleek and well-formatted, and you won't hear any complaints about the 72-watt audio system, which provides ample bass and is fully customizeable to whatever genre you might be tuning into on your satellite-enabled radio system.

If cars are your dig, this one is a gold mine! The flat six engine with direct-injection provides instant, smooth power delivery, and a wonderfully fast 0-100 of well under 5 seconds. The suspension rides a little rougher than one would expect for a Porsche, but the intent here is to provide the driver with the truest sensation of being connected to the track. Sitting close to the ground, the low profile and perfect weight balance enables unmatched agility and a wicked launch system to power you out of the turns and off the line.

For the more moderated driver, every day driving is elegant and regally tamed. The interior of the car is extremely comfortable and spacious, and the rumble from the engine provides a lovely note. Rush hour traffic is a breeze, as the low idle provides a smooth and slow pull forward without being jerky.
Reining 385 horses has never been so easy - not that you're going to want to.

Friday, 08 March 2013 16:00

SPOTLIGHT: 2011 Lexus C200h

I recently took this futuristic hatchback out for a spin to gauge its performance, and was left impressed by its sheer will to perform while maintaining excellent fuel economy and a high standard of comfort.

When I pulled out of the parking lot, I set the driving mode to Normal. Pickup was prompt and quiet – typical for a hybrid, which only engages the gas engine after a specified kph – and it was clear right off the first turn that this car is built to handle. Normal mode was perfect for regular city driving, but on our way through a busy downtown, Eco mode reduced power consumption and recharged the car’s battery via some clever regenerative braking. When I hit a faster road, Sport mode provided an excellent pull and a red, digital tachometer illuminated on the dash to give the C200h an impressive sporty feel.

The interior itself is beautiful. Plush black leather upholstery is complimented by a sleek display with ergonomic and easy-to-operate controls. A pop-up high definition screen has an excellent GPS interface, the reverse-angle cameras have crisp images so that you always know where you are when parallel parking.

This car is an excellent balance of fun and functional, and you’ll really enjoy the gas mileage!

Visit our listing at and enjoy your drive!

- Alexa


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