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Dear Victoria Premium Auto,
Here's a testimonial for you! I can't say enough thanks for making my experience in buying my "new to me" Mercedes crossover R350 a pleasure and a success.  I wasn't planning on a new vehicle just now, and wasn't looking forward to the "shopping for a car" process.
I had already been to a couple of other dealerships and my reluctance to get in the game was further reinforced by having to endure a lecture from a 25 year old on why I shouldn't buy a car in the USA (wasn't planning to and don't know why it came up), the car sales experience was not looking good.
Then I met all the folks at Victoria Premium Auto. Respectful, knowledgeable, and with a fleet of beautiful cars in perfect shape to choose from you are the consumate car professional. You were easy to talk to, listened to what I was looking for and provided guidance and insight.  Everything from the test drives to the bumper to bumper extended warranty was top notch and completed with professionalism and care.  Thank You.  You have eliminated the exasperating part of car shopping - dealing with the "car guys"!
There was no high pressure sale, but rather tolerance for me completing the deal while away on a business trip in Toronto, being able to walk across the lot to get the insurance arranged even as the plates were being installed, and you even saved me a gift bag from your open house that I missed.  It's the little things ...
I love my new car, will recommend you to my friends and look forward to seeing you again.  Thanks.

Dr. Chris Hall