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Friday, 08 March 2013 16:00

SPOTLIGHT: 2011 Lexus C200h

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I recently took this futuristic hatchback out for a spin to gauge its performance, and was left impressed by its sheer will to perform while maintaining excellent fuel economy and a high standard of comfort.

When I pulled out of the parking lot, I set the driving mode to Normal. Pickup was prompt and quiet – typical for a hybrid, which only engages the gas engine after a specified kph – and it was clear right off the first turn that this car is built to handle. Normal mode was perfect for regular city driving, but on our way through a busy downtown, Eco mode reduced power consumption and recharged the car’s battery via some clever regenerative braking. When I hit a faster road, Sport mode provided an excellent pull and a red, digital tachometer illuminated on the dash to give the C200h an impressive sporty feel.

The interior itself is beautiful. Plush black leather upholstery is complimented by a sleek display with ergonomic and easy-to-operate controls. A pop-up high definition screen has an excellent GPS interface, the reverse-angle cameras have crisp images so that you always know where you are when parallel parking.

This car is an excellent balance of fun and functional, and you’ll really enjoy the gas mileage!

Visit our listing at and enjoy your drive!

- Alexa


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