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VPA Leasing

Consumer Vehicle Leasing

Whether you are looking for the lowest possible monthly payments, or the best possible tax write-off, VPA LEASING can help you build the lease that fits!

Can’t find what you are looking for? VPA LEASING can help you find it!

Found what you are looking for at another dealer? VPA LEASING can still help you lease it!

Found a vehicle through a private seller? VPA LEASING can help you lease it, assist you with a trade-in, provide extended warranties, carproof, lien search and vehicle inspection!

Leasing is a very popular alternative to paying cash for your vehicle

The old adage, "pay cash for an appreciating asset and always lease a depreciating asset" still holds true today. Whether you are in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, leasing may be the answer. As vehicles are getting more and more expensive, leasing offers a lower monthly payment over a shorter period of time than traditional financing.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing

For many business owners in Canada, leasing is a tried and true method of financing both small and large vehicle fleets.

Leasing offers companies advantages such as:

Capital retention

Newer, better optioned vehicles for lower monthly payments

Lower initial cash outlay

Less initial tax outlay

At VPA LEASING, we provide lease funding for new and used vehicles and equipment for individual contractors as well as small and large business owners.

Vehicle leasing may not be for everyone. Paying cash is still the least expensive way of obtaining your next new or pre-owned vehicle.

We use well known banks, leasing companies, and private lenders. Please complete our Online Credit Application to begin the pre-approval process today and we will contact you after you've submitted the application.